Google Analytics

The numbers don't lie...

Investing in online marketing also means: following up and studying results and figures. And above all: adjusting your actions based on the results. Because that is where the biggest advantage of online marketing lies: making adjustments is cheap, fast and effective. Because you know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Google Analytics is an endless source of information. It gives you crystal-clear answers to questions that appear very complex:

  • Which are the most popular products on my site?
  • What regions do my visitors come from?
  • What pages stay open the longest?
  • Where do visitors leave my site?
  • How do people end up on my site?

Our service? A traffic audit.

This exposes the strengths and weaknesses of your online marketing, with specific instructions on how to improve it. You then carry out these adjustments yourself, or you can leave them to us. Beboost has several certified Google Analytics Qualified Professionals. That is the Google way of saying that we have the in-house knowledge to interpret your web statistics and translate them into clear language.

Even better? Regular repetition of this audit. In this way, we can stay on top of things and boost your online ranking even further.

The quicker you start with this audit, the quicker you will rank higher!