Websites that rank high in the search engines and lead to extra clicks...

Why do you have a website? Because your competitor also has one and you want one that's nicer? Or because you realise that there are also potential customers for your company among the millions of online visitors?

The second one, right? Then we need to sit down together. Because we build websites that rank high in the search engines and lead to extra clicks among your visitors.

Search engine friendly

We build your website, from the code to a site that automatically ranks high in the search engines. Whatever you put on it. Furthermore, we help think about what content works best to further improve your ranking.

  • Step 1: analysis of the search behaviour of your potential online customers.
  • Step 2: structure based on those word combinations.
  • Step 3: development and design geared to the search engines, and tailored to your needs.
  • Step 4: strong content that is convincing and encourages action.

Simple CMS system

Of course, the content of your website changes regularly. And that’s how it should be: new products or promotions, a different focus, etc. It would be crazy if you had to call us all for all these minor adjustments.

That’s why we build your website on the simple WordPress platform, the same as around a quarter of all sites worldwide. This system is so simple that you can adapt and adjust your content effortlessly.


More and more visitors view your site on their tablet or smartphone. They, too, want a fully-fledged surfing experience. In addition, Google favours websites that work well on mobile devices. You therefore have every reason to create a “responsive” website. Fortunately, that is the only type we design.


A website without analysis architecture is like a football match without a scoreboard: it is impossible to know whether you have scored. This is why we always integrate Google Analytics into your site, giving you access to customised reports in real time.

Do you also want a state-of-the-art website?