How to attract relevant B2B visitors to your website – and make them stay

What are leads?

Every website that focuses on selling products or services is looking for leads. Leads are visitors who show particular interest in your product or service. They do this, for example, by leaving their details in exchange for specific information. This allows you to use this information to effectively close a sale.

B2B lead generation

People who need something today almost always start their search online. This also applies to potential suppliers. However, traditional search engines like Google are more focused on B2C. As a result, it isn't always easy for professionals to find your company. Lead generation is therefore slightly more complicated for a B2B audience than for end consumers.

Beboost boosts Belgian B2B

Beboost has more than 20 years of experience in successfully reaching B2B target groups online. We use different solutions to get professionals to visit your website. We try to attract new leads via Google and Bing as well as with specialised search engines such as Bsearch and Belocal that specifically target the Belgian B2B market. Which we use to stimulate additional online sales on Belgian websites.

Do you want to catch the eye of your B2B customers with your company? Contact us without any obligation and we'd be happy to discuss what we can do for your business.


Do you want to catch the eye of your B2B customers with your company? Contact us without any obligation and we'd be happy to discuss what we can do for your business.

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You collect B2B leads online

These days, if people need something, they normally choose the same route. The chances are they will search online. Companies also work in this way to find potential suppliers.

If your products or services are intended for the B2B market, you also need to create online visibility. You have to ensure that the right potential customers reach you. And that they are prompted to pay you for a product or service. Or at least show a glimpse of that intention the first time. They might do this is by requesting a quote or leaving their details. From that moment, we can call it a lead. A potential new customer who has already shown specific interest.

B2B lead generation

Attracting B2B leads is totally different to trying to reach private individuals. There is an enormous amount of B2C information available online. And that makes websites a lot less noticeable to professional customers. And if they don't know your company or website, they won't find you. Let alone contact you for a possible order.

It is therefore important to ensure that surfers conducting searches can see and click on your website. Thanks to a smart SEO approach, among other things. Although this has to be optimally tailored to your B2B audience.

In addition, it's vital to make absolutely sure that your potential customers are prompted to take action. This could be to buy a product on your website, or at least provide their details. Because once you have the contact info, you can start persuading them. You can bring your product or service to their attention again. Without your potential customers having to search for this themselves. And this time even through different and more personal channels. This allows you to respond even better to their specific situation. Lead generation is therefore a perfect approach to effectively closing the sale. For the true salesperson in your team, this is the easy part.

Generate B2B leads with the help of an expert

Attracting B2B leads is even more complicated than it is to get more visits from consumers. That's why you'll always benefit from the help of an expert. Beboost has years of experience in lead generation for B2B customers. Thanks to well-thought-out SEO and other optimisation methods, we can obtain excellent visibility for your website. And then it's easy for us to entice your professional customers to take action. We can persuade visitors with the right content, an attractive layout and targeted CTAs. Then, when they share their personal details, the first step towards buying has already been taken.

Thanks to our own B2B search engines Bsearch and Belocal, we succeed in getting results faster. Companies come into contact with professional customers much more easily. And more specifically with you! Because, thanks to your optimised content, you will quickly find yourself at the top of the search results. And many B2B leads will be inclined to click on your website. But this content is, of course, also appreciated by Google itself. So, there too, you climb up the rankings to a clearly visible position. This means you will soon be able to pull in the leads from two fronts.