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How relevant are you to Google?

Linkbuilding Backlinks

Google also likes to keep its own visitors happy. It therefore wants to show the best possible search results when someone is searching for a particular product or service. But it can hardly determine this based on just a few words entered randomly.

There are several parameters that Google relies on to index your website. One of these is how relevant you are to other websites. Search engines count how often people link to you from other websites. These references are also referred to as backlinks.

The more people talk about you, the higher your ranking.

Backlinks are great for your SEO

Backlinks ensure that you are instantly considered trustworthy in the online landscape. This then increases the chances of visitors being happy to land on your specialist site. As a result of which Google rewards you with a higher ranking in the search results.

Quality link building is therefore an important part of your SEO strategy.

Choose backlinks from trusted websites

Simply collecting as many links as possible to point to your website is not the right approach. They have to be quality links from trusted sites. Otherwise, Google could punish you. A recommendation from someone high up on the corporate ladder also carries more weight in real life, right?

That's why it is best to choose:

  • Websites with lots of visitors
  • Websites from your specialist field that are relevant to your core business
  • Belgian websites (or those known in your own region)
  • Websites with high domain authority (which have been around for some time and have collected links themselves)

How do you collect backlinks to your website?

You just get to work. You call, email and ask (read: beg) all your suppliers, customers and contacts to link to you on their website.

Or… we do it for you!

Start with a free backlinks scan to establish the current situation. Our Google-certified specialists will then guide you to a top position in the search results via link building.

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Backlinks help determine your online relevance

Google’s aim is to show good, reliable search results. Because only then will surfers want to keep using the search engine. It's still quite difficult for Google to know which website the user is looking for. Especially if it only has a limited number of entered words to base this on. That's why Google uses more than 200 parameters to rate websites. And to be able to show the best possible result every time.

Google therefore looks at the popularity or relevance of various websites, which it tries to find out based on the number of times people talks about a particular website. Or in digital terms: how often a referral or link to the website appears online. With so-called backlinks from other sites, you can boost your ranking in Google enormously.

Use backlinks and your popularity will skyrocket

Backlinks are the digital references to your website made by others. With one click, visitors can end up on your web pages. So they don't type in a specific search term, but are redirected through another website. Backlinks make you even easier to find online, also by Google. And suddenly give you a large measure of credibility or trustworthiness. Because if your website gets a lot of interest from other websites, it has to be good!

Google counts the number of backlinks pointing to your website in order to determine your popularity or relevance score. Backlinks act as references that say something about the quality of your website. A website with a higher relevance score (read: more backlinks) will rank higher in the search result.

But once you understand this, you can influence your ranking yourself. Attracting or building backlinks or references to your website is also called link building. You ensure that other websites refer to you with a link to your homepage. Or better still, to one of your specific pages.

Links, backlinks and link building

Links, references or backlinks are all similar names that mean the same thing. They are actually small signposts that you leave all over the web, directing potential customers to your website. And Google uses them as a guide to gauge your popularity or relevance. Quality link building enables you to collect relevant links yourself to control this outcome.

Link building is a powerful tool to increase visibility on Google. Provided that the links come from websites that are themselves "highly regarded". And your own web pages are technically in order, as far as SEO is concerned. You will always achieve high rankings in Google through a combination of optimisations. Link building is therefore only effective if your website is also optimised in technical, structural and content-related terms.

Beboost: king of link building

As dedicated SEO specialists, it's only natural that we also specialise in link building at Beboost. In fact, it's even one of our main specialities. With a free scan, you get an overview of all your current backlinks. And we will then multiply that number. Our extensive network of trusted websites ensures that you quickly have a large number of links. Is the rest of your SEO in good shape? Then that immediately translates into a top ranking in Google!