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Congratulations on being committed to the quality of your website and being open to further improvements.

In this free “quick” backlinks scan, we give you an overview of the number of links and how many websites link to your website.

You get the top 5 websites from which you receive backlinks (and therefore score well) and you also see which page of your own site receives the most links.

The number and quality of the backlinks give your website a certain authority score expressed as points out of a hundred.

The higher this score, the more relevant Google finds your website ... and the higher up you will be included in the search results.

Please note, these only have an effect if your content and technical SEO are also up to speed.

We have already made 98 link building audits!

Would you like to receive a free “quick” link building scan?

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What can a backlinks scan tell you?

With a backlinks scan you gain insight into the existing online links to your website. Your site is sometimes referred to from other websites. In the form of a link to your homepage or maybe even a specific (product) page. Just think of a trader friend who puts you in the spotlight. Or a product of yours that was liked by some blogger.

Those links are more important to your website than you think. With a backlinks scan you will find out how well you are currently doing. Not only do other visitors come to your website via such links. Who even got a first positive impression of you from another source. And so maybe start researching your site with a little (favorably!) biased. But Google is also aware of the links you get. She even considers giving you a place in her search results!

Find out how Google thinks about you with a backlinks scan

Google assigns a relevance score to every website. That score is determined by the number of links pointing to your website. Backlinks from reliable websites carry even more weight. And that relevance score is one of her most important criteria for ranking websites. With many backlinks you have a greater chance of a top position in the search results.

It is also sometimes referred to as 'domain authority' or the authority of a website. Because if others refer to you, you may have already built quite a reputation. And so you count as an authority in your area of ​​expertise. It is important that the linking party also has a certain authority. Links from reliable websites with a lot of backlinks themselves are more valuable. In addition, they are quite active in the sector or region that is relevant to you. As a company that focuses on the Belgian market, Belgian backlinks are particularly useful, for example.

Request your free backlinks scan now

Beboost guarantees the complete SEO optimization of your website. Through tailor-made advice, personalized training or implementation by our own Google-certified specialists. Whichever method you prefer, we are happy to guide you to a top position in the search results!

This SEO optimization also includes link building. Because relevant backlinks are becoming increasingly important for Google to rank websites. And only through an overall picture of SEO will you obtain optimal online visibility. A backlinks scan is the ideal starting point for this. You get a nice overview of all the links you have already collected. You see from which websites they come and therefore suddenly how much value they have. And you especially see how much improvement is still possible.

At Beboost, we don't just know how to get relevant references. We can also suddenly address an extensive network of reputable websites. So that you have a lot of high-quality backlinks in no time. And see your place in Google, your online traffic and your sales increase. So don't wait any longer and request your free backlinks scan today!