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From passer-by to customer

It’s good to get a lot of new visitors to your website. But this doesn’t mean those visitors magically turn into new customers. 

The ultimate goal of your website is to encourage your visitors to take action. To leave their details, request a quote or actually buy products or use your services. But are you using the right elements on your website to convince your visitors?

UX leads to additional sales

The UX, or User Experience, of your website determines whether your visitor instantly feels at home. And is therefore more inclined to do what you have in mind. Elements that help you with this include:

  • Page layout: surfers in our western society read from top to bottom and left to right. Any idea where your most important information should be?
  • Fold line: everything below the fold line – i.e. where surfers have to scroll down – is less likely to be read.
  • Images: don't place important info right next to large images.
  • CTAs: did you manage to get your visitor to take action?

During conversion optimisation training, you will learn how to convert visitors into customers. Following a personal analysis of your website, you will know exactly what areas can be improved on. You'll learn how to apply the most important basic principles correctly and optimise the UX on your own website.

If you sell hydraulic pumps to an international market, for instance, you won't benefit much from knowing how much the user feels at home on the local plumber’s site. That's why individual personalised “conversion” training is an absolute must. Standard training courses are therefore of little use because every site and target group is different. Customisation is really recommended here.

No time?
Don’t you have time to do the training yourself? Or to deal with analysing your web statistics afterwards? Then just leave the work to us! We'd be delighted to take care of optimising your website. Then all you have to do is watch and see the magic happen.

SME portfolio: Receive up to 30% in subsidies NOW on our individually coached customised courses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can choose to have the training at your company (in accordance with all the rules of course) or digitally (via Zoom or MS Teams). Both are possible.

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Why take a conversion optimisation training course?

Conversion optimisation is quite a mouthful. The whole point is understanding how you can convert online visitors into customers. So that your website not only looks good, but also actually delivers something in return.

Online readers initially skim through a web page. And they also get bored quickly. That's why you have to try to prevent (random) visitors from leaving straight away. An effective method to attract their attention is with catchy titles and images. But we can offer you a lot more tips during our training course. Because, in the end, you want your readers to be so impressed that they actually take action. Like leaving their details, for example. Which brings you one step closer to a sale. Or maybe even by buying one of your products online right away!

No idea how to go about it? We'll explain it all to you in detail in our conversion optimisation training.

What does conversion optimisation training entail?

A conversion optimisation training course teaches you how you can persuade customers and arms you with a whole arsenal of guidelines. And they can be very subtle ...

Here's something to think about beforehand:

  • Online surfers in our western society read from left to right. So it's a good idea to put the things you definitely want to include on the left.
  • Is the most important information of your website above the fold line? Don't make your visitor have to scroll down to see the rest of your page.
  • Elements next to large images are seen as advertising. So don’t place your key message near these images.
  • Are you using the right CTAs (calls to action)? Do they stand out enough and have you chosen the right words to provoke a response?

Customised conversion optimisation training for more customers

A good approach to your conversion optimisation will therefore provide the greatest chance of lead generation. Leads are potential new customers who leave behind information about themselves. Because they are (sometimes vaguely) interested in what you have to offer. Lead generation ensures that potential customers come to you and are intrigued. And that element of your online marketing isn't as easy as it sounds.

So you need to know what you’re doing. In our conversion optimisation training, we start from your personal situation. In order to ultimately come up with a training course that fully meets your company’s needs. And the needs of the customers you hope to attract. So you only have to absorb the info that is really helpful to you. As a result, you will also be able to see the intended results faster.

Conversion optimisation training via the SME portfolio

SMEs that take a training course at a recognised knowledge centre are eligible for subsidies. In this way, the Flemish Government hopes to encourage companies to continue training their staff. After all, specialist companies that can increase their sales benefits the whole economy.

Beboost (Regionet bvba) is recognised by the Flemish Government as an official training partner. Our conversion optimisation courses are therefore also eligible for the SME portfolio. This means you can recoup up to 30% of your registration fee. Making this training an investment that's real value for money. Especially when you consider how much lucrative knowledge you get in return!