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Team of Google specialists

Beboost is a digital agency that specialises in SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimisation. Or in plain language: how to make sure your website ranks in the top page on Google.

We've been helping our customers get the most out of their online marketing since 2005. Our Antwerp office is now the home base for some 20 passionate employees. A team of so-called digital natives and Google SEO specialists puts its heart and soul into caring for your business every day.

We specialise in everything related to:

Total SEO marketing package

Getting high rankings means evolving. We are very aware of this, which is why we have gradually specialised in Google Analytics and Google Advertising. We now have over 25 years' experience in digital and online search platforms. In 2005 we even launched our own search engine Bsearch, one of the first B2B search engines for business data. And our alternative local search engine Belocal, which we launched last year, has also been very successful.

But Beboost is so much more than just an SEO specialist. You can contact us for:

  • Personalised advice
  • Customised training
  • Implementation through our services

More visitors = more sales

Today, we are your partner for more exposure on the web. We know your surfers and all the search engine rules better than anyone else. This enables us to connect you with the right customers and suppliers. Which is precisely what we were strongest at 25 years ago. Our ultimate aim is for you to have more relevant visitors, more contact requests and more sales through your website.

To guarantee that our help lives up to your expectations, our team of Google specialists are all certified annually so that we can always apply the latest tips and tricks.

What are our specialists certified in?

  • Google Advertising
  • Google Search
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords

Our personalised training programmes are SME portfolio-certified by the Flemish Government and we are recognised as a knowledge centre for everything related to Google Analytics, Google Search (SEO and SEA) and conversion optimisation.

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Beboost: SEO specialists par excellence

As an online marketing company, Beboost specialises in search engine optimisation or SEO. The whole aim of SEO is to help businesses get high rankings in Google. That's why people sometimes call us SEO specialists. And with all these Google-certified specialists walking around, it's a title we think we've earned. We explore ways to ensure that your website commands a top position in Google. Ultimately, a higher ranking translates into higher sales. The goal of every business, right?

We always use a very personal approach in everything we do. Your company is unique and the starting point for our collaboration. We look at where you are now and what you still need in order to grow. And then we provide you with exactly those improvements applicable to your company or industry.

SEO specialists for implementation, advice and training

As a company, Beboost already has more than 25 years of SEO experience. We were already working with digital and online searches even before the term was invented. What started out with a few floppy disks and a CD-ROM as business directory, led to Bsearch already in 2005. Bsearch was one of the first B2B search engines for retrieving company information. We then made sure this information ranked high on Google & Bing. The logical next step was the launch of our alternative local search engine Belocal. Which, incidentally, is doing very well, proving that online search is booming business. And that we really know our business.

But the online marketing world is changing incredibly fast. Reason for us to continuously evolve with the shifts in the market. For example, we have gradually specialised in Google Advertising and Google Analytics. You can come to us for everything related to SEO, SEA and web statistics. We offer:

  • Implementation through our services

Our Google-certified specialists can take full care of optimising your company website. We propel you to a top position in the search results by building in all kinds of content and technical SEO improvements.

  • Customised advice

We start with a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your current online marketing content. Then we provide you with the tools to achieve success yourself.

  • Personalised one-on-one training

Our training courses are individually tailored to your company. This means you only have to gather the information that is relevant to your own marketing policy. An effective learning method with guaranteed results!

Beboost: Not just any SEO specialist

How do we stand out from other SEO companies? By tailoring our strategy to your business. Our goal of training isn't to overwhelm you with technical jargon or excessive information. We ensure that you learn down to the last detail what is relevant to your company. When offering advice, we also make a point of starting from your current situation. From there we guide you to the position you want and deserve to achieve.

Today, we are your partner when you're looking for more exposure on the web. Do you want to rank higher in the organic results? Or get noticed through online advertisements, or a combination of both? We consider every option together with you and your company. And are happy to guide you towards better visibility and increased sales!