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Become an online marketing expert yourself

Opleidingen op maatLearn the secrets of online marketing, with fantastic results for your website as a result.

We combine the most important parts of our Google Analytics and SEO in this personalized training. This is how we boost your search marketing.

Just like your position in the search engines, your number of visitors and your turnover!

You can choose from:

Search marketing

A general online marketing training course. You learn to understand statistics (Google Analytics) as well as rank higher in search engines (SEO).



You gain insight into the way Google looks at your website. And learn about the elements you can improve in order to end up higher in the search results.


Google Analytics

You learn what to measure and the best methods, and how to best interpret these statistics. Which provides a boost for your online marketing.


SEO Copywriting

Once you know the SEO tricks of the trade, ranking high on Google becomes child's play. Implement the right keywords in the right place in your text. And attract the right visitors.


Conversion optimisation

It’s good to get a lot of visitors to your website. And seeing your sales increase is even better.
Learn how to turn interested surfers into customers for life.

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Web copywriting

Writing web texts is about more than just typing a few smooth sentences. In a tailor-made online copywriting course you'll learn how to compose texts that are "scannable".

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Let’s get personal

Through our many years of providing digital marketing training, we have learnt that customised in-company training is the only effective approach. After all, every situation, target group and problem is different. Standard training is often too theoretical and can rarely be put into practice immediately, which means people waste their time and become frustrated.

All our courses are:

  • Personal, thanks to one-on-one training
  • Completely tailored to your needs ... or business issues
  • Always adapted to the level of the participant at basic or expert level
  • Recognised by the Flemish Government, through the beneficial formula of the SME portfolio

Watch our corporate video (1m12sec) about our training courses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can choose to have the training at your company (in accordance with all the rules of course) or digitally (via Zoom or MS Teams). Both are possible.

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Digital marketing tailor-made training

Online marketing is becoming increasingly important in our ever-more online society. It therefore forms an indispensable part of your overall marketing policy. Interested buyers now mainly search for products and services on the web. So it's fundamental that potential customers can find you there. And that you stand out from all those other millions of companies.

If you happen to have an expert in-house, you're already on the right track. But for those who are new to online marketing, it can seem daunting. There is so much you need to consider. Would you like to have all the necessary know-how in-house? And not become dependent on expensive external agencies that keep the crucial information to themselves? Then you will definitely benefit from digital marketing tailor-made training!

At Beboost, we offer a varied range of digital marketing tailor-made training programmes. For this, we adopt an approach that's as personal as possible. A thorough analysis of your online marketing tools forms the basis for our Digital Marketing tailor-made training. We start from your individual situation. We then look together for the best online strategy to suit your company.

Varied range of digital marketing tailor-made training courses

Taking a digital marketing tailor-made training course can turn you into a real expert in the field. As a result, you'll quickly see your online visibility and earnings rise spectacularly.

Beboost provides support in various areas of online marketing. For example, we offer courses on search engine optimisation or writing for the web. You learn how to structure a good web text and how and where to insert the right keywords or which technical aspects are important to ensure that your website is found. In addition, you can learn how to interpret your online results correctly. Our Google Analytics training enables you to understand what all those figures behind your website mean. And where you have to intervene to make things better. In a general search marketing training course you even gain combined knowledge of SEO and Google Analytics. And then there is the customised conversion optimisation training course, where you learn how to turn visitors into customers. Because that's the intention of every website, isn't it?

Personal and accredited digital marketing tailor-made training at Beboost

You can come to Beboost for a host of digital marketing tailor-made training programmes. The common thread is that they all meet a number of important criteria. Our online marketing courses are always:

  • Personal
    Everything is explained to you during 1-on-1 training. Even on site at your workplace, if that's more convenient for you. So you aren't delayed by others who slow down the learning process. And you immediately receive answers to all your questions.

  • Fully customised
    After analysing your personal situation or problem, we draw up a training course specifically tailored to your company. This makes sure you only get the knowledge you need to optimise your own website.

  • Recognised by the Flemish Government
    Beboost (Regionet bvba) has been accredited by the Flemish Government as an official training partner. Our courses are therefore also eligible for the SME portfolio. This allows you to recoup up to 30% of your registration fee through subsidies.