Good web texts are appreciated by Google and your visitors

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Surfers are quick (to get bored)

The information overload on the internet makes people much more critical when surfing online. Your visitors only read the information that really interests them. Otherwise they'll move straight on again.

Research shows that 79% of surfers first scan a web page.

They decide within 1.5 seconds whether they want to continue reading your web page.

Do you want to avoid writing texts that won't be read by anyone? Then you need to take this into account for your online content.

And then there's Google

You also have to keep the search engines interested. Google decides whether visitors end up on your website, but scans your text from a different perspective. Have the correct keywords been inserted correctly? Is the context of your page clear enough?

Learn to write for the web

With online copywriting, you have to take both perspectives into account. How does Google scan your content and will critical surfers read it?

We're not interested in providing “turnkey” web copywriting training. We prefer thorough individual customisation in conjunction with a suitable writing style and training programme. It's impossible to learn individual language usage combined with the correct web technique in a standard training course.

With a customised course, you will discover how to draft effective web texts. You learn to make your content "scannable", so that it is actually read by your audience.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can choose to have the training at your company (in accordance with all the rules of course) or digitally (via Zoom or MS Teams). Both are possible.

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What do we mean by web copywriting?

Writing good texts that are to the point is an art in itself. And our recommendation is to hire a specialist text writer or copywriter for effective results. But writing texts for the web (or online copywriting) is even more complex.

You're not just writing for human readers; people with different habits online than when reading a book. And Google also needs to appreciate your text and understand it correctly. That's why it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional for your website content. Preferably someone who also specifically focuses on online copy. Or you can try to unravel the secrets of web copywriting yourself by taking a customised training course.

What you can achieve with a web copywriting course

Why would you, as a business, want to learn to write for the web yourself by taking a web copywriting course? Because you understand the strengths of your company like no other. While also having to know how to convey this via the most important medium of course ...

Your website is the online representation of your company. That means everything your potential customers finds has to come across as positive right away. However, that first encounter online is much more fleeting than in real life. Do you want to know how you can instantly leave a good impression? Then the insights you gain during a web copywriting training course are worth their weight in gold.

The information overload on the internet makes people surf much more critically. So you have to get their attention right away. Urging them to continue reading on your website. So they don't switch to your competitors. But you also have to be able to hold on to their attention and persuade them. So that they carry on clicking, leave their details or maybe even make a purchase. You do this with a clever page layout, the right headings and convincing CTAs (call to action). With web copywriting, you therefore largely determine whether online visitors also become paying customers.

And then there's Google. Because you also have to take the "reader" into consideration when writing web texts. You need to know which search terms belong where. And also meet a number of technical regulations. During web copywriting training, you'll learn which aspects you have to take into account. In order to appeal to both Google and your potential customers.

Customised copywriting training

We take you as the starting point for our web copywriting training. We look at what information is most interesting for your company. And draw up a customised training course to provide you with only relevant insights. We prefer a one-on-one approach because, in our experience, it's the most effective way to learn. No other students to hold you up with general questions or confusing jargon. We provide you with specific personal tips, tricks and tools only. Things that work in your sector and will be a real boost for your company.

Save on your web copywriting training with the SME portfolio

Beboost (Regionet bvba) is an official training partner of the Flemish Government. Our web copywriting courses are therefore also eligible for the SME portfolio. This allows you to recoup up to 30% of your registration fee through subsidies.