How your website ends up in Google’s top drawer

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Technical SEO optimisation for search engines

So you’ve already determined the right keywords and your texts have been formulated according to the highest SEO standards. Then it’s high time to also optimise the settings "behind the scenes".

Google needs to be able to interpret your website quickly and properly. If not, it jumps straight to one of the other millions of websites in the list. Which only makes you sink further into oblivion.

Which elements does Google consider important in a website?

To make sure Google likes your website even more, you have to take the following into account:

  • Loading speed (page experience)
  • Responsiveness (mobile-friendly)
  • Security (https: Google and your visitors should be able to trust your website)
  • Good URL structure
  • Correctly implemented SEO content (H1, H2, Alt tags, etc.)

In addition to a technically perfect website, you should consider the following for an optimal ranking:

How do you make your website technically perfect?

For tips & tricks on the technical SEO optimisation of your website, you can always go to… Google! Or you can put your trust in an SEO expert who guarantees you maximum visibility. Because to achieve perfection, a bit of DIY info generally won't get you far.

Google has announced that its future algorithms will attach even more importance to the Page Experience of a page.

Fortunately for you, Beboost is a real Google specialist. We provide you or your web builder with clear guidelines, so that your website becomes a top website for Google!

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Technical SEO optimisation of your website

Google has a number of requirements that websites have to meet in order to be found properly. This means you can achieve technical SEO optimisation by following a number of prescribed rules. But there are also other aspects that are less clear or even change from time to time. In any case, it is an important commercial aspect for any company that has an online presence.

Perfecting your website is no easy task. Yet it is essential to be in the top echelons of the search results. Are all the SEO elements that Google takes into account present on your website? For example, have you entered the H1, H2, alt tags of your pages correctly? Or is that all Greek to you? Then you need to call in a real specialist for your website’s technical SEO optimisation.

How do you make your website technically perfect?

You may have already discovered a few things in your search for a technically optimal website. That's because you follow the same path as 90% of other businesses, which is looking on Google (ironically enough) for the answers. Many people are also guided by the knowledge they learn from their CMS system. With WordPress, for example, you have the Yoast module that already helps you with a few things.

But you don't get to know all the tricks of the trade using this method. But it is precisely the last 10% of the information that can make all the difference. All the more so because your competitors aren't aware of it either.

To achieve full optimisation, you need to be a bit tech-savvy. Moreover, you need to stay abreast of all the new developments. And you need to know which improvements actually give you the desired result. You therefore already need to know your way around the backstage of a website. Professional help could be the answer to avoid frustration.

Technical SEO optimisation by Beboost

In the first phase, we help you with 90% of the technical support. This will already help your website jump right up in the search results chart. Then, in the second phase, we go to extremes to achieve perfection. This is the only way to get the visibility you want – and deserve!

Finally, the continuity of your SEO approach is also crucial. After successfully implementing the initial strategy, we work out a strategic medium to long-term policy together. This ensures that your positive results are also permanent. Because if you don't stay up to date online, you won't be up there for long. Measuring, improving and training are the magic words here.

(Technical) SEO for Google

To get right to the top on Google, a technically perfect website alone isn't enough. A high ranking – and therefore good online visibility – is achieved through a combination of optimisation measures. That's why, in addition to the technical aspects, you also have to refine your content. Texts must contain the right keywords in the right places. And have a (visual) layout that definitely appeals to your reader. Apart from that, link building also plays an important role in determining your search engine position. The more important others think you are, the more important you become for Google.

Ready for a complete optimisation process tailored to your company? Beboost's Google-certified specialists are happy to help!