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Google is mainly for private consumers


You may have already noticed: Google is chiefly a B2C search engine. Those in the B2B market are far too easily blown off the first pages by content by and for consumers.

As a result, it can be difficult for professionals to find your website. While it may be precisely this target group that you're trying to reach. And need to prompt into action in order to stimulate sales.

From like to lead

Receiving a lot of visitors on your website doesn't automatically lead to higher sales. You also have to be able to entice them to become customers. A first step in that direction is to ensure that they share their details with your company. This is how you turn a potential customer into a lead. Someone who shows real interest in your company or activities. And gives you personal information in response.

Nowadays, companies mainly attract leads through the internet. This is referred to as online lead generation. Although it’s certainly not that easy when you're a B2B company ...

How do you reach your B2B audience?

Beboost specialises in generating B2B leads. We ensure that the right target group lands on your website. Via Google, Bing and even specialist search engines such as Bsearch and Belocal, which focus almost purely on the B2B market.

The great thing is that you can see exactly how many extra new leads have been added via Google, Bsearch or Belocal by way of a clearly organised Google Analytics visitor report, enabling you to monitor what the correct return on your investment is every month.

Interesting for your company? We’d be delighted to tell you more about it.

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What is lead generation?

A lead is a potential new customer with specific interest in what you offer. That interest is so specific that those leads won't mind leaving their details for you to contact them. Which gives you a significant advantage in the sales process. With lead generation, you try to ensure that this happens as often as possible. Today, this approach is mainly done online.

Of course your aim is to get a response from visitors to your website. After all, an email address allows you to contact them again through other channels. And with a certain click, you may even get permission to send a quote or offer. In short: the chance of closing a sale has just become a lot bigger. That's what it's all about as a company, right?

Lead generation for the B2B market

We have to say that generating leads is easier said than done. And especially if you're in the B2B market. Because search engines are mainly aimed at consumers, not businesses. Meaning that you won't score well with B2B content and therefore hardly stand out.

Yet, as a supplier, you also need to be found online by your potential clients. Because nowadays all of us, including businesses, use the internet (read: Google) to search for what we need. With specific B2B lead generation, you ensure that you appear prominently in the search results, so that your company can be found by other companies. And once they find you, it's imperative that you persuade them to leave their details behind. This way, you will receive more specific requests for quotations and quickly turn leads into sales.

B2B lead generation by Beboost

As an SEO expert, it's only natural that Beboost also specialises in lead generation. Because your only goal isn't to get the right people on your website. You also have to persuade them to take action. Perhaps share information about themselves or, ultimately, to actually buy your product or service.

In addition, we can rely on a great deal of experience with customers from the B2B world. We have even built our own specialised search engines to make searching easier for Belgian companies. This enables us to focus all our attention on your specific B2B customers. And give your business the boost it deserves!

Bsearch, the B2B search engine for Belgian companies

In 2005, we developed the alternative search engine Bsearch together with Telenet. All Belgian companies can be found in Bsearch. And only them. We use our own algorithms and technology for the ranking. This enables us to determine precisely the relevant search terms that ensure you end up at the top of the rankings. And seamlessly coordinate the content of your website during optimisation. Do you want to define your market even more locally? Then our Belocal search engine will be of interest to you. Belocal targets professionals who are more likely to look for a supplier regionally.

Bsearch and Belocal are therefore both ideal platforms for lead generation from B2B customers. But it goes without saying that your content also scores well in Google itself. In this way, we aim for a win-win situation with maximum impact. It's an ideal way to quickly generate the desired leads via these traditional and alternative search engines. With more concrete actions that lead to more sales and a higher turnover as a result!