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Leads will follow

Lead generation means attracting potential new customers who are interested in what you do. So interested, in fact, that they share information about themselves with you.

And securing that personal data just happens to be very interesting because it brings you one step closer to a possible sale.

  • You already know there is a basic interest
  • Now you can contact your potential customer yourself (instead the other way around, impatiently waiting)
  • You can reach them through a different and more direct channel
  • You can respond better to their personal situation 

Online lead generation

Lead generation comes in two main forms:

  • Online (via the Internet)
  • Offline (via all other sources, such as trade fairs, car advertising, newspapers, etc.)

Online is where it happens today. But if your potential customers don't know your company, they won't be able to find you or contact you. That's why it is essential that your search engine marketing is up to speed. So that you achieve a high ranking in Google. And surfers see your website first when they search for specific products or services.

B2B lead generation

Beboost is happy to help you generate more leads. Both through Google and via our specialised B2B search engines. We have various in-house solutions to lead the right target group to your website.

Curious about what we can do for your company? We would be delighted to review your personal situation so as to develop a customised strategy for you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Online lead generation

Lead generation nowadays largely takes place online. This makes sense when you know that interested buyers almost always search for goods on the internet. They use Google to try to find the products or services they need. And needless to say that websites that appear at the top of the search results have a clear advantage.

Lead generation means attracting new potential customers. They are even so eager that they immediately indicate that they are interested. This means they often leave their details or even request a quote on the first visit. As a company, this is very valuable information. You can now contact your leads directly through a more personal channel. For example, you can test how interested a lead really is by calling. Or you can provide them with specific information by email with a targeted CTA.

Modern-day marketers would do well to align their marketing policy with online lead generation. An enticing introduction on your website can create new opportunities for you. The aim is then to persuade visitors (again and again) to choose your company. Online lead generation is therefore an important key to more customers and higher sales. But what is the best approach?

Online lead generation for the B2B market

Online lead generation isn't as easy as it sounds. First, you need to be found by visitors who are of interest to your company. You can get a long way with SEO and by implementing the right keywords. This will take you to the top of Google for the search terms that are relevant to you, enabling you to catch the eye of your potential customers.

Then you also need to encourage them to take action. Your visitor needs to be prompted with the right content and well-aimed CTAs (calls to action). Because only then will they be inclined to leave their personal details.

But for B2B customers, online lead generation comes with an extra challenge. Because in Google and other traditional search engines, B2C content has absolute first priority. Websites for consumers easily displace companies that have something to offer to other companies. As a company aimed at B2B customers, you have to put more effort into being found.

Online lead generation for Belgian companies

At Beboost, we look at your personal situation to determine a strategy that is specifically tailored to your company. Only in this way does online lead generation really lead to significantly more new customers. You will notice the effects on your sales figures soon enough.

We can make handy use our own B2B search engines to do this. Bsearch was developed in 2005 in collaboration with Telenet. It is an alternative search engine where you will only find all the Belgian companies. Our second search engine, Belocal, focuses even more on professionals in search of a local or regional supplier. Both give you the opportunity to directly reach other companies that can benefit from using your products or services.

At the same time, we optimise your content so that you also get a high ranking in the traditional search engines. This allows you to attract new online leads on two fronts. And that means you'll soon receive even more personal details and specific requests for quotations!