Getting lots of visitors is great, but converting them into customers is a different ballgame

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From non-committal visitor to paying customer


Conversion optimisation is quite a mouthful. But it's simply the professional term for converting online visitors into customers. Or: how do you entice your visitors to click through, continue reading and to take action?

Convince your online customers with UX

Does the term UX or User Experience mean anything to you? It indicates to what extent you succeed in creating an optimal user experience for your visitors. Your website should be easy, fun and accessible for your potential customers. Only then will they decide to hang around long enough to take the action you want. A structure your readers can easily scan and attractive CTAs will get you a long way!

Difficult? Then let us do the persuading!

The ultimate goal of your website is to prompt your customer to take action. To click on a link, request a quote or maybe even purchase your product or service.

At Beboost, we are happy to help you achieve real online success. We use various tools to measure the extent to which you succeed in converting your visitors into customers. After that, we explain to you in detail how you can improve your website. By way of consultation or in a personalised training course to make you a bit of a UX expert yourself.

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What is conversion optimisation?

Conversion optimisation is a long and difficult term to explain something very important. Namely, how you turn visitors who end up on your site into customers. Paying customers who may even return. And, above all, help directly to increase your sales.

Conversion optimisation is therefore a fundamental part of your SEO strategy. Attracting and convincing customers is the essence of your online presence. And also of the existence of your company. Beboost is happy to help you determine the right strategy that matches the identity of your company. We provide you with customised advice to boost your online marketing and sales.

Convert your visitors into customers with conversion optimisation

Do the terms UX, fold line and CTA not instantly mean anything to you? Then you may not be consciously working on conversion optimisation yet. Allow us to give you an idea of ​​what it all entails with the following tips.

  • Your online visitor looks from left to right and from top to bottom. This may sound logical, but are you sure that the structure of your web page takes this into account?
  • Surfers first read the headings and sub-headings before deciding to delve into the text itself. So make sure the titles stand out and, above all, entice the visitor to continue reading.
  • The most important information should be above the fold line. Do your visitors have to scroll down first to see the rest of your page. Then there's a good chance that they have already left without seeing that information.
  • Place a link IN the reading text. Using a word that is explained better elsewhere on your website. And not in a separate sentence like: “Click on this link for more info.” This makes your text much more pleasant to read.
  • Putting the right CTA (or Call To Action) in the right place will convince your customer to click. It lets them discover the rest of your website. Or encourages them to leave personal data, or even make a purchase right away.

Whatever you do, the best approach is a subtle approach. Nobody likes intrusive messages. Conversion optimisation should pull your customers in, not drive them away. Of course you have to make sure it is easy for a visitor to contact you. But avoid going too far by pushing them to do so.

Beboost helps you to get customers with conversion optimisation

Are all these marketing terms still mumbo-jumbo to you? Or do you have no idea how to get started? Then simply contact us for advice specifically tailored to your company. We are happy to help you make a success of your conversion optimisation.

Do you want to go one step further and become an expert in this area yourself? Then let us teach you the tricks of the trade in our personalised conversion optimisation training. Or maybe you are totally convinced of the benefits of online marketing and optimisation ... But don’t have the time or desire to give it a try yourself? No problem, we can also take care of the entire implementation. With guaranteed results, you can rest assured!