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What is link building?

Link building is the process of collecting relevant links or references to your website. When other websites link to you, there's probably a very good reason.

After all, why link to a website that isn't relevant or reliable?  And Google knows this all too well. In addition to using the correct keywords and technical settings, link building is also part of SEO optimisation. And it is increasingly gaining in importance ...

Link building determines your popularity, authority and relevance

How relevant you are to others is increasingly important to Google. It helps to determine the "authority" of your website. When another site mentions you, this actually counts as a kind of recommendation. This enhances Google’s opinion of you a bit more every time. And rewards you with a higher ranking in the search results.

Use our link building network

With link building, you basically put digital signposts up that point to your website. For them to work, they should ideally come from trusted sources. Only when important parties recommend will you become important yourself. Via our link-building network that comprises a whole host of websites, we ensure that Google quickly sees you as relevant.

Start now with a free backlinks scan of your website. That way we can immediately find out how to enhance the findability of your company.

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Link building as a secret SEO weapon

Being at the top of the list in Google is the ultimate goal of many websites. They all strive to rank as high as possible in the search results. And thus reach as many potential customers as possible. Google applies a series of criteria to determine the ranking of all those websites. By using the correct keywords and technical settings, you can push your way up the ranking scoreboard. But there is also another secret weapon that you can deploy for even greater visibility. Something that is increasingly important in the eyes of Google. And where there is still a considerable growth margin for most companies.

When listing websites, Google takes their popularity or relevance into consideration. For example, it tries to estimate how trustworthy a website is for surfers scouring the net. And it measures this trustworthiness based on the number of links pointing to a website. Backlinks from other websites are now even considered to be one of Google's main classification criteria. Link building means consciously creating backlinks.

Link building for higher relevance of your website

Link building is therefore based on obtaining a large number of references from other websites. It makes you appear popular, important and relevant. Google bases its ranking on one simple principle. A website will not place a link of another website if it's not from a reliable source. Because that would make them look bad as well. Backlinks therefore enhance the trustworthiness of your website. The more referrals you get from others, the more relevant you become on the web. It works much the same as in real life. Because if a lot of (important) people know you, it means you must be someone important yourself.

Targeted link building therefore has a major influence on your sales. Because more backlinks mean a higher relevance score. Which, in turn, results in a very visible position in the search results. Ultimately, this is reflected in extra online visitors who are encouraged to buy your products. Link building actually equates to free advertising with a massive impact!

Beboost takes care of your link building

As an SEO company, Beboost is always up to speed with the latest developments. In fact, link building has become a real speciality of ours over the years. Because what's important to Google also matters to us! We would be delighted to help you fully optimise this SEO element of your website.

First, let's take a look at the current status of how many backlinks you have on the web. After that, we'll get straight to work on drastically increasing that figure. Not only do we know how to provide you with relevant backlinks. We also have the luxury of tapping into our extensive network of renowned sites. To provide you with some solid references to give you a boost in the search results.

Curious about the impact of link building on your website? Request your free backlinks scan right away! And discover how much room for improvement there is for your company.