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Link building as an SEO tool

Anyone selling products or services online can't do without it. Search marketing is necessary to make sure that potential customers can find your website. But as you may have already found, you can't simply get away with just a few cleverly targeted keywords.

Link building – or online signposts that point to your website – is a powerful tool for ranking high in search engines. Provided that the links come from websites that are themselves “highly regarded”. And your own web pages are also technically up to date in terms of SEO-.

Link building for Belgian websites

Are you focused on the Belgian market and do you want to achieve the maximum effect through SEO link building? Then you have to get referrals from other Belgian websites. Our network comprises hundreds and hundreds of Belgian websites. All of which can provide you with a quality link to your website.

Because these websites are:

  • themselves trusted (with their own backlinks to demonstrate this)
  • themselves popular with high numbers of visitors
  • themselves active in your sector for optimum impact

Free backlinks scan

With targeted and quality link building, your ranking in Google will improve significantly. As a result, your potential customers no longer end up with your competitor, but with you. And all those extra relevant visitors ensure more quotation requests and higher sales.

Interested in finding out more? Then contact us for a free backlinks scan without any obligation! And find out immediately where there is still room for improvement on your website.

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What is meant by Belgian link building?

Link building is the process of collecting links that refer to your website on the web. It allows other websites to place a link on their own website to your homepage. Or better still, to one of your specific web pages. They do this through an appreciation post on a blog, for example. Or a link on a general page showing all suppliers or customers.

But you can also try to collect as many links as possible online. This practice is called link building. It not only helps you reach more visitors through other channels, those visitors also often have a somewhat positive bias towards your site. This is something that search engines like. And we just love giving the search engines what they want, right?

Google looks at those links to determine the trustworthiness or authority of your website. And trusted websites rank better in the search results. But the actual website referring to your website is also incredibly important.

By Belgian link building we mean: getting trusted Belgian websites to link to other Belgian sites. Because, as a company, you have an interest in references from your own region. These are more relevant to your customers, who are often themselves familiar with these other companies. Visitors can therefore estimate more quickly how valuable such a link is to them. An ideal scenario is when these linking websites also have knowledge of the business in your sector. Your potential customers can then rely entirely on an expert referral.

Belgian link building for ranking in Google

How does Google measure the relevance or popularity of a web page? It looks at the number of links pointing to your website. And how relevant or trusted these sources are. A lot of links from trusted Belgian companies in your sector will ensure you a higher ranking. With Belgian link building, you make yourself more relevant in your own market. This consequently leads to a higher ranking in the search results on

By using our extensive network of Belgian websites for link building, you'll quickly see results. These are all companies that are themselves considered trustworthy by Google. Every single one of them can count on large numbers of visitors and have accumulated scores of relevant links. A referral from them is therefore definitely an indication of quality. In addition, we can even select which companies best match your business activities. To sum up, we tailor our work specifically to your company in order to achieve optimal results. If your SEO story could use some Belgian link building, then Beboost is the place for you!

Belgian link building at Beboost

(Belgian) link building is becoming an increasingly important part of SEO. Fortunately, as an online marketing bureau, we have been aware of this for some time at Beboost. You can therefore turn to our Google-certified specialists to benefit from their wealth of expertise and experience.

If you’re curious about the impact for your company, we can do a free scan of your website. A backlinks scan will tell you what links you already have. If you need more relevant links, we'll be happy to draw on our Belgian link building network. The result? A significant boost for your Google ranking.