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Be loved by Google and your readers

Two things are important for your online marketing story. How do potential customers find you on the web? And how do you ensure that you stay visible online? You can learn all about this in our search marketing tailor-made training.

Learn how to optimise!

This general online marketing course provides answers to the following basic questions:

  • How can you learn to correctly read and interpret your website statistics? (Google Analytics)
  • How do you make sure Google ranks your website at the top? (SEO)

Our tailor-made training courses boost your search marketing expertise. And also your position in the search engines, the number of visitors to your site and your sales!

You learn how to apply the theory to your specific situation. With plenty of tips specifically tailored to your company

Stay up to date

Online marketing is a discipline that is constantly changing. This training equips you, as a modern-day marketer, with the skills and insights to sell your products or services effectively. You also learn instantly how to follow up on your search marketing.

For the more experienced, it is even the ideal additional training to stay up to speed. It's a success formula to effectively retain that top-ranking position, which was very difficult to obtain in the first place.

Let’s get personal

We start with search marketing tailor-made training that's specifically aimed at the needs of your website. In this way, we enhance your knowledge and push your company higher up the Google rankings. We'll pass on the common training methods, thanks! If that's the goal, you're better off reading one of the many theoretical books of generic “blah-blah”.

SME portfolio: You can NOW get up to 30% in subsidies on our individually coached tailor-made training courses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can choose to have the training at your company (in accordance with all the rules of course) or digitally (via Zoom or MS Teams). Both are possible.

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Search marketing training as the basis for a good website

Surfers don’t take time to read anymore. They "scan" a website. They decide within a second whether they want to continue reading your info. Or perhaps look further on your competitor’s site. That's why you need to ensure that your website is optimised. Are your texts written in such a way that online readers can scan them? And have you incorporated effective calls to action (CTAs)? With properly structured web pages, you're a big step closer to a possible sale.

And then there's Google, which also has to love your website. Because you can only optimise your online visibility once you land at the top of the search results. And that ensures more surfers will stop and visit your website. But what's the best approach? And how do you avoid disappearing back into anonymity over time?

What does search marketing training give you?

In our search marketing tailor-made training, you will learn the basics of SEO and Google Analytics. This not only teaches you how to be liked by Google. With all kinds of tips and tricks, we guarantee you a top position in the search results. You also learn how to interpret your web statistics correctly. That way you can closely monitor your online actions. And can make adjustments where necessary.

Search marketing tailor-made training from Beboost:

  • SEO
    We help you move your website to the top of Google (SEO). We make sure the organic foundation is solid. Without always having to pay through Google Ads or AdWords (SEA).

  • Google Analytics
    We provide you will all the basic knowledge about Google Analytics. We teach you how to correctly measure, monitor and optimise your online marketing.

  • Tailored to your company
    We keep it personal with 1-on-1 training at your workplace. We take your business story into account to determine the best strategy for you. 

Search marketing tailor-made training

After all, every situation, target group and business challenge is unique. This generally makes standard training too theoretical and not directly applicable. With a lot of wasted time and frustration as a result. We take a much more personal approach at Beboost. Thanks to our many years of experience in providing SEO training, we know what works. One thing we've noticed is that in-company training and customised training are much more effective. Our one-on-one approach means you can achieve optimal results much faster with our unique expertise.

The search marketing tailor-made training teaches you how to apply the theory direct in your market. We provide you with a complete set of tips and tricks specifically tailored to your company. This not only gives you insight into SEO and a top ranking in the search results, you also learn how to analyse your web figures so you know what works and what doesn't. Everything is aimed at ensuring you stay on the ball and continue to stand out online.

Search marketing tailor-made training with the SME portfolio

Beboost (Regionet bvba) is an official training partner of the Flemish Government. This means you can attend our search marketing training via the SME portfolio. Thanks to this support measure, small to medium-sized enterprises can recoup up to 30% of their registration fee.