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Link building: a huge boost for your SEO

Link building is a bit like the ugly duckling of search engine optimisation: nobody talks about it. Yet its impact is huge! The more reliable websites link to your web pages, the better Google’s view of you.

These backlinks contribute to the trustworthiness or relevance of your website. And a website with a higher relevance score will rank higher in the search result.

Choose backlinks from trusted websites

Simply collecting as many links as possible that point to your website isn't the way to go. They have to be quality links from trusted sites. Otherwise, Google could punish you. A recommendation from an important person also carries more weight in real life, right?

That is why it is best to choose:

  • Websites with lots of visitors
  • Websites from your specialist field that are relevant to your core business
  • Belgian websites (or those known in your own region)
  • Websites with high domain authority (which have been around for some time and have collected links themselves)

Start link building yourself

Do you also want to enhance your relevance for Google, but don't know how to go about it? We're happy to help you on your way.

A free scan will let us show you how well your website is currently performing. After that, we draw on our extensive network to immediately provide you with some important Belgian backlinks.

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What you can achieve with quality link building

The ultimate goal of your website is to sell, right? And those trying to reach as many potential buyers as possible simply can't ignore Google. Because surfers almost always look for specific products or services by typing search keywords. And only those at the top of the search results have a good chance of being found. That is why we all dedicate so much effort to our SEO strategy. To make Google like us enough to reward us with a high ranking.

Google therefore has to decide which web pages land at the top with certain keywords. To do this, it uses a number of criteria to assess websites. Some of them are quite well known, such as inserting keywords in your text. Or optimising the technical settings so that your website can easily be read by Google. But what is hardly considered – even though it's becoming more important – is link building. Quality link building is a relatively easy way to increase your relevance score on Google. And that has a major impact on your online findability.

Links, backlinks and quality link building?

How can quality link building actually boost your SEO? Google looks at just about everything that could indicate "professionalism", and therefore quality. To see how good your site really is, it does its own online investigation. It wants to know what other users (and sites) think of a website. So that it can present the best search results to its users. That's why it tries to stamp a relevance score on every website. It measures the popularity of a website based on the number of links pointing to it. The more links from important websites, the higher the score.

This relevance or popularity of a website is now one of Google's main criteria. So links largely determine the order in which search results are classified. And this will only become more important in the future. Fortunately, you can also lend your relevance a helping hand through quality link building. Link building ensures that you collect sufficient backlinks to your website online. And the quality of link building gets better when these backlinks are relevant links from relevant players. It's good news when websites that link to you to have a high level of trustworthiness and a lot of visitors themselves. Let's take real life as an example. If you receive a reference from someone high up on the corporate ladder, it makes more of an impression. Especially when you compare it to a bit of positive chatter on the sidelines from someone who seems dubious. That's all well and good in theory, but maybe not so easy in practice. A dedicated SEO expert can generate quality link building for you without any difficulty!

Beboost: your partner for quality link building

To make a website absolutely perfect from an SEO perspective, you really do need specific expertise. And hiring a specialist for quality link building is definitely worth the investment. Because good visibility in Google ultimately leads to an increase in your sales. And you may otherwise have to invest money in expensive ads to gain equally high visibility. With a free backlinks scan and our extensive network, Beboost makes life a lot easier for you!