Our team is ready to review the SEO aspects of your website and provide some tips to increase your search traffic, get leads and maximize your sales.

Search Engine Optimization

In this free analysis we look at the first 100 pages of your website that our crawler or software encounters. This analysis only examines whether all SEO elements are technically present to optimize your website for Google.

We list all the errors and warnings that currently hamper your retrieval in Google.

We give a "site health" score of 100 based on the number of errors and warnings we found. The higher the score the better that the main technical SEO elements are present.

This analysis does not reflect whether the correct word combinations are correctly included in these SEO elements. This analysis or interpretation must always be human.

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Optimise your SEO with a free audit

Our free SEO audit checks how well your website ranks on the search engines. We provide a free audit to analyse your website, focusing on the most important SEO elements. We look at your website in the same way as Google does. The result? A detailed overview of all elements that can still be optimised.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

A good SEO approach will make sure that Google likes you. And gives your website a top ranking in its search results. So you can count on more visibility on the web. Meaning that when surfers search for certain items, they will see your name from now on. And not your competitors who disappear into anonymity on page 3 or 4. Which means that you get more website visitors. Is your SEO (and conversion optimisation) effectively organised? Then those visitors will also become your customers!

Your online marketing therefore depends on a solid SEO policy. Can you please the search engines as well as online surfers? If so, higher sales will come naturally.

Free SEO audit as a start for website optimisation

Our free SEO audit is twofold. On the one hand, we look at which technical issues can still be improved. Does the "backstage" of your website speak the same technical language as the search engines? If you optimise a number of settings there, Google can understand your website better. This means you will go up a place again in its appreciation and in its rankings.

On the other hand, we also take a close look at the content of your website. Incorporating the correct search terms into your text makes it easier for Google to find you. A "scannable" structure and attractive layout also contribute to a rapid interpretation. Both by your readers and the search engines.

On the basis of our free SEO audit, you will know precisely where there is room for further optimisation. Make the improvements yourself or get a professional to help you. And that higher position in the search engines will not be long coming. Which means more visitors, more purchases and higher turnover!

Request your free SEO audit from Beboost

Beboost is an SEO specialist company that only counts Google-certified specialists among its ranks. We are therefore the ideal helpline for all your questions about SEO or online marketing. Allow us to help you with customised advice or tailor-made training. Or simply ask us to implement the optimisations for you.

Our starting point is always your personal business situation. That is why we start with a free SEO audit that reveals the current performance of your website. Together we look at where improvement is possible and what things can help your company. After that, we get to work on creating a fully optimised website. If you don't feel like or don't have the time for this, we'll be happy to do it for you. But maybe it would be better for us to put you in control yourself. In a tailor-made training course in which we provide you only with the information relevant to you on a 1-to-1 basis, for example. Or with advice that fully fits in with your corporate culture and is consistent with your objectives.

Implementation, training or advice, whatever you prefer… Beboost is happy to help you to get your website to the top of Google!