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What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This basically means the visible and invisible optimisation of your website. The ultimate goal is to get you to the top of the search results. A few well-thought-out improvements will quickly give you an 11/10 on Google. And topping the list of course means that you can count on a lot more online traffic. With the prospect of new potential customers.

How does SEO optimisation work?

SEO optimisation isn't limited to simply changing a few words. The rules for good SEO are a lot more complex than that. Google even regularly adjusts its algorithms. Its goal? To prevent the success formula from being easy to decipher. So you have to know the rules that are currently in play to achieve a high ranking. We've listed some of the elements you need to consider:

  • Tailor content and texts to your target group
  • Determine keywords
  • Optimise technical matters within and around your website (e.g. https)
  • Redirect links from other websites in the right direction (backlinks)

SEO optimisation at Beboost

As Google-certified specialists, we can take complete care of optimising your website.

The great thing is that you can measure and monitor this optimisation to the fullest extent. We keep you informed of developments through monthly reports.

Or we can teach you how everything works by providing personal advice or with customised training.

Do you want to know what tweaks are needed to boost your website's online performance?

free SEO analysis immediately reveals your website's strengths and weaknesses!

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What is SEO optimisation?

The method of ensuring your website shows up on the top pages of Google's search results is also called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. It's not just a case of making sure you are found using the right keywords. Google also needs to think your website is important enough to put it at the top.

Good SEO enables you to speak the electronic language of the search engines. This way, they can interpret all the elements of your website correctly. However, the SEO rules are continuously changing due to Google's constant algorithm changes. That's why it's best to put your trust in a Google-certified partner like Beboost. That way you can still find your way through the online maze. And give your sales figures a healthy boost. 

Is SEO optimisation always necessary?

Not always, but in most cases it is. If you are the only one with a very specific keyword, Google will happily put you at the very top. But if you're one of the many online, you won’t be so lucky. That's when SEO optimisation is just about the only weapon you have to help you stand out from the competition. In today's digital world, it is an indispensable element of your overall marketing strategy.

Is SEO optimisation the same for everyone?

Every business optimises its website content according to its own specific activities. But the basic technical rules are the same for everyone. Additional efforts such as SEA or link building give an extra boost to your findability – and your sales.

Nevertheless, at Beboost we draw up an individual plan for every customer to ensure maximum results. Our ultimate goal? To match our SEO optimisation efforts perfectly with the soul of your company.

Customised SEO training

Do you want to learn how to optimise your website so that it shines at the top of Google? Then you can take part in one of our tailor-made SEO optimisation training programmes. We start by analysing those matters that need to be addressed on your website. We then put together a customised training course to ensure you only receive the information that is relevant to your business. The next step is to catapult your website to a top-ranking position on Google.

Applying the theory to your practice

The majority of training programmes are very theoretical and cannot be applied directly to your business, resulting in frustration and a waste of time. At Beboost, we give you lots of specific tips and tools, so you can learn to apply the theory to your specific situation and at your own pace. We remain on standby so that we can immediately come to your aid in case of questions or issues. Further training and evaluation will also be scheduled, depending on the progress you make. This enables us to make further improvements and adjustments in order to get the most out of your website.

Right at the top in Google

Great! Your website is fully optimised and easy for search engines to interpret. But to really end up at the top of the search results, Google also has to find you relevant enough. In addition to the content, Google also analyses the popularity or relevance of a website. Websites that often receive links from other sites score higher. Link building provides your website with relevant links, which increases your popularity. And Google is sensitive to this. The reward is that you end up ranking at the top in the search results!