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Measuring = knowing and knowing = improving

A lot of companies take the time to view their web statistics, but are unable to extract any relevant information from the findings. They only see their own figures, but have no benchmark for comparison. Beboost, as Google specialist, monitors hundreds of websites and therefore knows exactly what works and what doesn't. And, fortunately, you can benefit from that expertise.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an endless source of information. It gives you crystal-clear answers to questions that appear very complex, such as:

  • Which are the most popular products on my site?
  • How do people end up on my site?
  • What regions do my visitors come from?
  • What pages stay open the longest?
  • Where do visitors leave my site?

Major changes in Google Analytics

Google Analytics, the most widely used analysis tool since 2012, is undergoing major changes. The new standard and significantly changed method of measurement is now GA4 or Google Analytics 4. This has consequences for the way in which your website is measured. The former measurement of “page views” changes to the measuring of “events”.

Result: readjusting existing settings is a necessity and learning how to interpret the new reports is an absolute “must”.

Our certified Google Analytics Qualified Professionals have already mastered this transition and are happy to apply their expertise to your website.

Our service?

We like to start with a thorough analysis of your website. A traffic audit reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your online story. With specific directions on how to improve. You can then carry out these adjustments yourself or let us take care of it for you.

Beboost has several certified Google Analytics Qualified Professionals. This is a direct confirmation from Google that we have the required expertise in-house. To interpret web statistics and convert them into clear language, for example. This way, you can be sure that you obtain the correct information from the figures. And always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Even better? Regular repetition of this audit. To stay on the ball and boost your online ranking even further.

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Learn to interpret your figures with Google Analytics

Investing in online marketing also means: following up and studying results and figures. And above all: realigning your actions based on these results. Because that's where the biggest advantage of online marketing lies. Understanding your figures allows you to know exactly what works and what doesn't. Which makes adjustments cheap, fast and effective.

Google Analytics is a measuring tool from Google for analysing all kinds of results from your website. It is, as it were, an endless source of information. Complex questions receive crystal-clear answers based on your web statistics. This enables you to collect a tremendous amount of information about your visitors. Where they come from (geographically) and how they end up on your site, for example. And you get a clear picture of what is working on your website and what isn’t. Which pages are popular and which are hardly ever visited? Or where and when do most visitors leave again? Google Analytics gives you a lot of useful information to make targeted improvements. But then you have to know how to correctly interpret this overload of figures. At Beboost, we are happy to assist you with the advice you need to unravel all its secrets.

Don't you understand a thing about Google Analytics? Our advice changes that!

The online market is demanding and is changing rapidly. Nonetheless, you have to stay up to date with your website and your online marketing. To be able to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to the demands of online surfers. And that way to make all those potential customers on the web happy to land on your site. Google Analytics is a useful tool for gaining an insight into your performance. But for those who have less experience with this, it can seem rather complex.

Fortunately, Beboost has an abundance of Google-certified specialists. And they are eager to give your website a boost. Our personal advice guides you through the wonderful world of Google Analytics. We help you understand the story behind the numbers. At the same time, you discover where and how there is still room for improvement. This enables you to use statistics from the past to optimise your future online marketing.

Google Analytics: advice and training

Beboost guides you through all the statistics of Google Analytics with customised advice. We teach you how to correctly interpret the figures that are relevant to your company. And provide you with points for improvement to make your website perform better. That way, you instantly know whether you're on the right track to achieve your strategic objectives. Not the case? After our advice based on your Google Analytics statistics, you'll be back on track!

But those who want to can even go a step further. Become a real specialist in Google Analytics yourself with customised training. Or arrange further training for an employee, so that you can have the expertise in-house.

Do you mainly think you should "stick to what you know"? And would you rather leave the interpretation of statistics to an expert with loads of experience? We can also optimise your website for you. So that you can comfortably continue to focus on your company's core activities. Although you can still expect solid online growth ...