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I google, you google, everyone googles

People only start looking for something when they need it. And usually that search then starts in Google. If they also end up on your website by typing in specific word combinations, it is therefore logical that these visitors convert much better (contact or purchase).

That's why visitors who arrive via search marketing are of such high quality. There is a good chance that you will actually generate a sale.

Combination of SEO and SEA

Search marketing or search engine marketing is actually a combination of SEO and SEA. The aim of both is to make you as visible as possible in the search engines. Making it easier for your potential customers to find you.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

  • Inserting keywords in the right elements on your website
  • This determines your organic position in Google
  • Non-paying

SEA or Search Engine Advertising

  • Google advertising on certain keywords
  • Put yourself in the spotlight at the top (temporarily)
  • Pay per click (Price depends on the bidding)

Need some advice?

You can never reach the top of Google on all your keywords. And because SEA is only getting more expensive, it's best to focus on SEO first You can always still use SEA as an additional measure In that way, you can achieve the optimal return on a limited budget.

We sit down with you to discuss the ideal mix for your online marketing strategy. Or you can learn the tricks of the trade in a personalised, customised training course.

No time? Then just leave the work to us! We'd be delighted to take care of the optimisation of your website. Then all you have to do is watch and see the magic happen.

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Customised SEO marketing advice

SEO and SEA are like buzzwords. They pop up again and again wherever online marketing is mentioned. And companies are only too happy to call in experts to help with these topics. However, we can tell you here and now that this is not a passing phenomenon. SEO and SEA are here to stay!

Customised marketing advice on SEO and SEA will help you attain the best results for your company. Because let's be honest, you don't achieve much with DIY information and half-hearted attempts. While it can have such a big impact on your online visibility. And therefore also on your sales volumes.

SEO marketing advice: a smart investment for the future

The digitisation of our society has resulted in us being confronted daily with an oversupply of incentives. Attempts are made to put a company or product in the spotlight through all kinds of channels. As a result of which we automatically shut ourselves off more and more from such incentives that appear unsolicited. We often experience them as annoying during another activity. Good timing in marketing is now even more crucial than it used to be.

When people are looking for a product or service themselves, the timing is perfect. People only look for something because they need it. And usually that search starts in Google. Via SEO (and SEA), you can influence what people see there. So that you reach new potential customers at the ideal time via the ideal route. That is why visitors who arrive via search marketing are of such high quality. They are much more likely to actually buy something on your website.

So, focusing on SEO marketing is a smart and lucrative move. But how do you get started? At Beboost, we guide you to a top Google ranking with customised SEO marketing advice!

Our advice? SEO marketing in combination with SEA!

Our main search marketing advice is: go for a combination of SEO and SEA. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It includes all kinds of measures that will assure you of a higher ranking in Google’s search results. SEA or Search Engine Advertising refers to advertising in Google. You therefore pay to (temporarily) get noticed in the search results. SEA may seem more productive for you in the short term. But it is still better to always combine advertisements with the more organic SEO. This combination is the least expensive and most sustainable formula for permanent online visibility.

With both of them, it is important to determine the keyword combinations you want online searchers to find you. This way, you reach the visitors that are relevant to your company. And therefore more likely to become a paying customer as well. Beboost provides you with SEO marketing advice tailored to your personal situation. We believe in combining SEO and SEA. First, we focus on creating a website with maximum possible optimisation. Only then do we supplement this with paid SEA, so as to avoid unnecessary costs. You can boost the search terms that don't take you to the top with organic optimisation through paid advertising. That way your potential online customers can no longer ignore your products!