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Time for Flemish SMEs to get up to digital speed!

The Flemish government realises that many Flemish SMEs are lagging behind in digital terms. Especially compared with our neighbours from the Netherlands. In 2018, no less than 83% of online purchases in Belgium were made on a non-Belgian website. High time to change that!

In order to encourage Flemish SMEs to go the extra mile online, the Flemish government wants to co-invest. You can therefore receive a subsidy for quite a few recognised courses.

  • 30% subsidy for companies up to 50 employees
  • 20% subsidy for companies between 50 and 250 employees

Take control of your online marketing with customised training

Beboost is recognised by the Flemish Government as a knowledge centre for everything related to Google Analytics and Google Search (SEO and SEA).

What courses can you take with us and how can you benefit from the support of the SME portfolio?

Individual online marketing training

Bring your basic knowledge of online marketing to the level required today.


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Search Engine Optimisation

Learn how to become more attractive in Google’s eyes.

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Writing for the web

Learn how to structure texts, write fluently and legibly, organise your web page and more.

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Analysis of online activities

Learn to measure and interpret your web statistics correctly in order to make meaningful adjustments.

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Learn how to turn your online visitors into real customers.


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Would you rather learn how you can influence the impact of your website? Then take a look at our personalized tailor-made courses.

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SME portfolio: subsidy for training

The SME portfolio was created by the Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). It is a subsidy that SMEs can obtain for certain external training courses or consultation. The condition is that these training courses are with registered service providers. In this way, the Flemish Government is trying to stimulate high-quality further training – which results in better companies.

Small businesses receive a 30% subsidy up to a maximum of €7,500 annually. Medium-size businesses receive a 20% subsidy up to a maximum of €7,500 annually.

SME portfolio training courses at Beboost

Beboost is officially recognised as a service provider by the Flemish Government. Our courses are therefore also eligible for the SME portfolio. This enables you to take part in subsidised training that helps your company move forward. However, you can also just as easily let your employees attend the training. Because you can still manage to keep the cost down – thanks to the SME portfolio.

Each training course should help to improve current or future business operations. It must also focus on the company’s core processes. For example, it would be difficult for a web designer to justify receiving training as a yoga instructor. Unless, of course, this becomes one of your business activities. Beboost are the people to contact for everything to do with search marketing. We update your knowledge through training courses specifically tailored to your company. And which you can directly put into practice.

Distance learning or e-learning formulas are only eligible if contact with the teacher is provided. A personalised training certificate is issued for each training course. In addition, the training provider is also obliged to keep an attendance list. At Beboost, we offer 1-to-1 learning methods. And ideally we like coming to your company to do this. This way your employees can undergo their further training in a familiar environment.

Customised online marketing courses via the SME portfolio

Flanders is lagging behind in the digital field. We still have a lot to learn, especially compared with our neighbouring countries. The vast majority of online purchases in Belgium are made on foreign websites. It is therefore logical that the Flemish Government wants to co-invest in better online visibility of Flemish companies. And that's exactly what you get at Beboost!

Beboost is a true expert in search engine optimisation or SEO. And in all other related aspects of online marketing, by the way. We ensure that your company ends up ranking high in Google's search results. Which brings more visibility, more visitors and more sales. In addition to performing optimisations ourselves, we are also – and even predominantly - specialised in training. Feel free to contact us for everything related to SEO, SEA and Google Analytics.

Want to learn how to write for the web and your online visitors? Do you want to fully align the technical settings of your website with Google so that it’s easier for you to be found? We tell you exactly how to achieve this in our SEO courses. No idea what information you need from your web statistics? Then take a Google Analytics training course to learn how to interpret your figures correctly in order to make the right adjustments. Or do you want to know how to turn those online visitors into real customers? Then a conversion optimisation training course is just the thing for you!

Check out our training course programmes or contact us for more information. That way you can see what we can do for your company, no strings attached.