What are the numbers trying to tell you?

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The numbers don't lie...

An important part of online marketing is analysing your web statistics. And above all: adjusting your actions based on these results. Because that's where the biggest advantage of online marketing lies. Making adjustments is cheap, fast and effective.

Google Analytics is a tool you can use to measure everything that happens on your website. It helps you gain a wealth of information about your visitors.

But know what you’re measuring!

In order to make positive adjustments, it's logical that you need to be able to interpret the figures correctly. Many marketers view their web statistics, but don't utilise enough information or action points.

From basic training to understand the basic relationships to expert level… We help you at every level with customised training. And of course we stay on standby for questions at all times. That way we can help you to apply the theory effectively in practice.

Your Google Analytics figures come from your site. You probably don't need all the numbers, but only those for your specific business activity. We understand this and therefore help you with individual training, tailored in detail to your personal situation and objectives. After all, you don’t want to have to filter out and interpret figures that are of little use to your business.

“Standard” is not in our vocabulary.

With all this extra knowledge, you're ready to take on the ever-present competition. You can intervene in time if something isn't running smoothly. And see your website progress just as quickly when you make the correct adjustment.

No time?
Don’t have the time to do the training yourself? Or deal with analysing your web statistics afterwards? Then just leave the work to us! We are happy to provide you with the right dashboards so that you get a clear overview of your most important figures.

Major changes in Google Analytics

The king is dead, long live the (new) king!

That's right, Google Analytics recently made some drastic changes with its latest release of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). There are all kinds of new applications and reports. Ensure that learning to work with the new Google Analytics is a voyage of discovery and not an ordeal.

We help you with this changeover and integration through our personalised training that's fully adapted to your site. That way you avoid wasting time and the frustration of “self study”.

This training gives you a deeper understanding of the interaction between your customers and your company. We will also remain available afterwards, of course. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Only need advice?

Don’t feel it's necessary to understand these complicated processes yourself? Is it enough to know what the numbers mean on your website? We're also here to help you with specific advice on what Google Analytics shows you.

SME portfolio: Get up to 30% in subsidies NOW on our individually coached customised courses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can choose to have the training at your company (in accordance with all the rules of course) or digitally (via Zoom or MS Teams). Both are possible.

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Why take a Google Analytics training course?

Google Analytics is a free program offered by Google that helps you analyse your web statistics. The basics of the program are relatively simple, a bit like MS Word or Excel. But it's the difficult part that gives you the most valuable information. For those who really want to get ahead online, additional training in Google Analytics can never hurt.

Your web statistics can provide you with a lot of useful knowledge. With Google Analytics, you obtain information about the parameters, preferences and habits of your visitors. But it is also important to monitor, study and interpret these figures correctly. With personalised training, you acquire the tools and skills to do this yourself. That way you don't become dependent on external specialists to determine the course you want to take.

Google Analytics - set your ship on the right course!

The Titanic left port as an impressive and sturdy ship. All it took was one big iceberg to sink her ...

Your ship is your website. If you navigate blind and don't adjust your course, you’ll be heading for your own iceberg. And that means you'll sink into the deep abyss among millions of anonymous websites. It's impossible to navigate without a compass. Fortunately though, Google Analytics has the compass to guide you to success.

Don't drift off course and discover everything about Google Analytics during our customised training. Learn how to keep your ship afloat in one-on-one training sessions. And navigate her safely into port at your final destination.

What can you learn in a Google Analytics training course?

Good for you, you’ve invested in your online marketing policy. But how do you know if that investment will pay off? By analysing your figures, you will find out exactly what works and what doesn't. Google Analytics gives you insight into the number of visitors, popular pages and search terms used.

With Google Analytics training, you learn to connect all the dots within the maze of data. Because only then can you really draw conclusions that are actually useful. Just think about how you determine the health of a company, for example. You don't rely solely on individual journal entries from the annual balance sheet to do this. There are many ratios or relationships that determine how healthy a company really is.

This is also true for the various statistics in Google Analytics. Which numbers are really relevant? And which relationships do you need to look at in order to define concrete action points? With training specifically tailored to your company, this soon becomes child's play. We even teach you how to set up your dashboard and reporting method correctly. So that you don't have to constantly struggle through all the data.

Take a Google Analytics training course via the Flemish SME portfolio

Beboost (Regionet bvba) is recognised by the Flemish Government as an official training partner. This means you can attend our Google Analytics training with subsidy support. You can recoup up to 30% of your registration fee through the SME portfolio.

After all, education and training can help you turn your business into a profitable certainty. And that's exactly what the government wants. This enables you to gain a lot of essential knowledge at a limited cost.