SEO: think changing a few words on your site is enough? Think again!

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What is SEO marketing?

From building your website correctly in a technical sense to defining the right keywords. SEO marketing comprises a whole series of small and large optimisations that increase your online findability.

The main result is that the right people end up on your website. And that is reflected in your sales, of course.

Boost your position in the search engines

Beboost is the ideal partner to get your SEO marketing on the right track. Among other things, you can expect the following from our full care service:

SEO Optimisation

with the right keywords, technical settings, content and link building, Google will like you more.

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Landing pages

Pages from your website that are specially optimised for Google and search engines

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Search Term Analysis

What word combinations do potential customers use to search for your products or services?

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SEO Copywriting

The right keywords and sentence structure ensure that you attract the right visitors to your website.

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Content Optimisation

Make your content attractive so you grab and hold your visitors' attention.

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Technical SEO optimisation

Make sure Google can also interpret your website quickly and correctly.

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Link building

Boost your relevance for Google thanks to links from other websites.

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Website creation

Users don't just have to find your website, your website also has to trigger interesting clicks and convert to sales.

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Google Analytics

To measure is to know and to know is to improve. Google Analytics is an endless source of information.

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What exactly is SEO marketing?

How do you ensure that you’re high up on the first page of Google? And that people also click on your link? It's all part of what we call “smart search engine marketing”, or SEO marketing.

SEO marketing is basically a whole set of optimisations to make you more findable in Google. Particularly by visitors who are interesting for your company. From technical settings to link building and implementing the right search terms… A total package of online improvements can give your sales a serious boost.

The importance of SEO marketing

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. In other words, it optimises your website so your company ranks higher in search engines. And this online visibility is becoming increasingly important in our digital society. Potential customers are increasingly looking for products and services on the internet. SEO and a good online strategy are therefore essential for your current and future global marketing policy.

Components of SEO marketing

Good SEO marketing consists of many different elements. A combination of all these elements ensures the best effect in the search results. If you want to achieve a top ranking in Google, it's essential to take the following into account.

Ensuring your website has effective SEO means more than just addressing the technical settings. Although it is, of course, very important that Google interprets your web pages correctly. It is also valuable to use the correct search terms and to have good content structure. For example, you have to find out which word combinations potential customers use when searching for your products. Then you can implement them in the right place on your website. In addition, an easy-to-scan structure and attractive content are essential. Because it’s also essential to make sure visitors who land on your site also want to stay for a while. So that they ultimately entrust their data or money to you – and not to your competitor.

Another important aspect is your landing page. This is the first page visitors see when redirected from an advertisement, banner or link in a newsletter. For many people it's actually their first introduction to your website. So it's vital that your business comes across in a way that is as convincing and attractive as possible. The last thing you want is for your online visitors to leave your site again and move on to the next search result. So it's best to turn these key pages on your website into SEO gems.

There is also another important way to rank even higher on Google. Search engines attach a great deal of importance to your relevance. The more often people talk about you, the higher your ranking in the search results. This is determined by the number of links referring to your website. Careful link building can therefore make you more relevant online than your competitors. And that just happens to be one of our greatest specialist areas. How can we boost this relevance score for you? By linking through to your website from our extensive network of trusted sites. With immediate results for your sales.

Because let's be honest, that is the ultimate goal. Your website not only has to generate as many visitors as possible. Those visitors should preferably also become paying customers. Beboost is the ideal partner to ensure optimum performance of your website through a smart structure.