What is increasingly more important for your ranking in the search engines? Backlinks!

Backlinks as part of SEO

You probably understand the concept. Using the right keywords correctly on your website ranks you higher on Google. But did you know that this isn’t nearly enough?

In fact, more than 50% of your visibility is determined by link building! These are the references or backlinksthat you find on other sites referring to your website.

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Backlinks determine the relevance score or authority of your website

Search engines always try to put the best subject-related websites at the top of their search results. Google therefore assigns a relevance score to each website, indicating its popularity and trustworthiness. It bases its choices on the number of links to your site it sees elsewhere. So, the more often others talk about you, the higher you rank.

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What are SEO backlinks?

Never heard of SEO backlinks before? Then that's probably the reason why you don’t have a top ranking in Google yet. Link building is becoming increasingly important in the online world. And it can have a huge impact on your company’s sales figures!

Google is sensitive to just about anything that indicates quality and professionalism. It therefore prefers websites that are trusted as well as popular. Because if others consider a website to be good, there must be some truth in it. That is why it associates a kind of popularity score with every website. It bases this score on the number of references a website receives from other sites. In this way, potential customers are actually guided directly via referrals, links or so-called backlinks. Google assumes that this does not happen quickly with unreliable websites. By counting the number of links, it gets a pretty good idea of ​​the trustworthiness of websites. And websites that score well are rewarded with a higher ranking in the search results.

Link building is therefore an indispensable part of your SEO strategy. It's also becoming increasingly significant for Google. So it's best not to leave something like this to chance. With SEO backlinks, you consciously accumulate as many relevant links as possible. The ultimate goal? To achieve the highest possible ranking in the search results. And thus reach more potential customers to boost your sales.

How do SEO backlinks work?

Not all links are equally valuable. Backlinks only help you get ahead if they are relevant, of high quality or from a trusted source. So you need to approach SEO backlinks with a well-thought-out plan. Some useful basic rules should be observed in this respect.

For example, the websites that link to you must be trustworthy for their part. And so you can count on a lot of relevant links yourself from relevant players. Sites linking to you should also be large enough. When they receive a lot of online visitors themselves, their opinion becomes more valuable. And, finally, they must be relevant to your industry or geographical area. For example, you will benefit more from links from Belgian websites if you operate in Belgium yourself. Foreign sites are less relevant references in that regard. A link from a company with expertise in your field is of course also more meaningful.

Good to know before you start your SEO backlinks, of course. Links from websites that meet all of these criteria will carry more weight for your popularity score. Which makes your ranking in the search results rise even faster.

SEO backlinks in practice

All well and good in theory, but how do you get all those relevant links? That's not as evident as it may seem. You could start calling everyone and begging for a referral to your website. Customers, suppliers, acquaintances or even strangers… Or you can turn to Beboost for your SEO backlinks. For guaranteed results without too much effort.

We map out your current situation with a free backlinks scan. And we then immediately improve this with our extensive network of trusted websites. In this way, you will collect enough relevant links for a top ranking in Google in no time at all!