Give your potential customers a smooth landing on your website

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page where your online visitors arrive via a different route. By clicking on a link in a newsletter, on a Google Ad or after a search, for example. This means it is often the first introduction to your website for your visitor.

By clicking on your link, the visitor is actually already interested in what you have to offer. Landing pages often have a high conversion rate. Because they fit seamlessly with the advertisement, visitors immediately find what they are looking for. By optimising every detail of your landing page, you can encourage the visitors to stick around. Or better yet, click through and perhaps make a purchase.

You provide the basic text, we do the rest

A landing page isn't just a meaningless text jam-packed with keywords. It is your personal story that is optimised. Based on the commercial text you provide, we develop highly effective SEO pages that Google loves. Add a pinch of link building and your website is sure to rank at the very top of the search results.

That way you can finally end up above your competitors in the list. The result? Potential customers are more likely to click on your website. You win important visitors at the expense of your competition and it shows in your sales!

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What are SEO landing pages?

A landing page is often the first page where potentially interested customers come into contact with your business. By typing in some keywords in Google, for example. Or by clicking on an ad, banner or link. This page therefore needs to match the content of that advertisement perfectly. Otherwise your visitors will have to search again, wasting their valuable time and maybe even causing them to lose patience or interest. They might end up looking elsewhere, like at the competition.

An SEO landing page is therefore easy to find. Both for potential visitors and for the search engines themselves. But it also needs to convince your potential customer straight away. It's the best way to really make your SEO filter through to your sales figures.

How do you make a landing page SEO-proof?

An SEO landing page is a very important web page for your product or service. It's a highly optimised page that can easily be picked up by Google. Landing pages also ensure that your website is positioned at the top of the search results.

A few tips to help you create effective SEO landing pages:

  • Match the content to the advertisement
  • Keep it short and punchy
  • Make sure your visitors immediately find what they are looking for
  • Make it possible to click directly through to the desired info, service or product
  • Encourage the visitor to take action with a clear CTA (call to action)
  • Maybe offer something extra, like a discount or special offer, to tempt first-time visitors

An SEO landing page is often a stepping stone that directs visitors to your website. That means it doesn’t always have to be included in the menu structure. It can be 'hidden', as it were. Or it can only be reached via a direct link on other pages. Blogs, newsletters and advertisements (SEA) therefore form the ideal springboard to the rest of your website.

Check the effectiveness of your SEO landing pages

You can measure precisely with Google Analytics just how effective your landing pages really are. Based on CTRs (Click Through Rates), you can see how many visitors end up on the desired product page. The Bounce Rates give you an insight into the number of visitors who immediately leave again. You can even make two versions of the same landing page to see which one works better.

How is a good SEO landing page structured?

Visitors have certain expectations when they enter a few words on Google and your page appears. It’s the same when an ad prompts them to click. So it's important that the content of your page matches the keyword or ad that took your visitor there. That is why it is often less relevant to simply link to your homepage. Visitors will almost immediately feel at home on a dedicated landing page. And find what they need more quickly.

At the same time, it makes you interesting and welcoming. It allows you to respond quicker to what your potential customers are searching for, encouraging them to discover the rest of your website - and products or services. With a well-aimed CTA, you give them a push in the right direction.