Writing for the web: the right keywords for the right visitors.

Texts that rank high on Google

You can come up with the most fancy sentences or have the most interesting information about your product. But there isn't much point if the web text isn't found in Google and therefore won't be read. Good SEO texts that are picked up by search engines are therefore essential for every website.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO texts are formatted in such a way that they are instantly found in Google with the right keywords. This enables you to attract the right visitors to your website.

Once you've reeled them in, your texts have to have the right effect on the reader, of course. To hold their interest, to trigger clicks or even persuade to buy.

Do you want to do your own writing or outsource it?

You can get creative yourself and write web texts that are SEO-proof. But be aware that online copywriting is more than just sticking keywords randomly in your paragraphs. And even the best writer isn't necessarily a good writer for the web.

As SEO specialists, we know better than anyone how search engines look at website text. We research what keywords your target group uses. We then write texts that are appreciated by both your (potential) customers and Google.

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Do you want to learn this expertise yourself?

Through an individual tailor-made training you will discover how to find the right web texts

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What do we mean by SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the discipline of writing texts that rank high in search engines such as Google. It's essential that the writer uses the correct keywords in the text. It allows Google to interpret your website correctly and show it to interested surfers.

A higher position in the search results gives your company that extra exposure it deserves. The more people end up on your website, the more likely you are to sell your product. A good SEO copywriter not only makes the text easy to find. The content on the page also needs to appeal to the reader. And should ideally also be persuasive.

SEO copywriters charm Google and your customers

With SEO copywriting, you make your website speak the same language as Google. The keyword analysis gives you exactly the right terms to use in your texts. And when you also meet all the different technical criteria, you are completely sure of excellent visibility. Google ranks you high up in the search results for the search term combinations you want.

This is how potential customers end up on your web page. After that, it's up to you to persuade them. You need them to stay with you and not start snooping through your competitors' products. One way to achieve this is with a clever page structure and layout.

SEO copywriting: a profession in its own right

Not every good writer is automatically a whizz at creating online content. SEO copywriting is a profession in its own right. The layout of your texts looks completely different, for example. No long-winded intros to create an atmosphere in your reader's mind. When writing online, you get straight to the point.

Web texts are often shorter, more business-like and never beat around the bush. Your readers should know immediately what your page is about. If it takes too much effort, they'll leave your website and never return. And, even worse, go to the competition who knows about SEO copywriting.

Google also draws conclusions from the information it sees first. So it's a good idea for the desired keywords to appear in the headings and opening sentences of your web text. Otherwise, search engines will have a hard time guessing what your page is really about. And you won't be found in the search results you want.

SEO copywriting: work for a professional

SEO copywriting involves more than just having a knack for writing. But that doesn't mean you don't need to know how to compose a text properly. Or write without any mistakes, of course. Grammatical errors and typos come across as sloppy and don't do anything to promote your professional image. So in that area, too, you have to be able to inspire confidence in your potential customers.

Are grammar and spelling not your forte? Or do you like to write, but have no idea of ​​the SEO value of your content? Then turn to a professional. This way, you can be sure of flawless, motivational texts that rank well in Google.

As Google-certified specialists, Beboost has the expertise to achieve optimum results. We can even translate your web texts correctly without losing their SEO value. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us for more information tailored specifically to your company.