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What is link building?

When other websites link to your site, this enhances your relevance. Google sees you as popular and trusted, which helps you rank better in the search results. So it is not only the content of your website that determines your search engine ranking. Link building also has a major impact on your online visibility.

Calling in a backlinks expert

Are you – like Google itself – now convinced of the importance of backlinks? Then it's a good idea to call in the help an expert to get it right the first time. The results of your efforts will quickly show.

Link building has been a main speciality of ours for some time. As a dedicated SEO expert, Beboost has also built up a large online network over the years. And you can benefit from this. We have access to many Belgian websites that can provide a quality link to your site. Which will, of course, benefit your Google ranking.

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Why call in a specialist for link building?

Anyone who goes online with their company should know this by now. To reach a large number of potential customers, you also need to appeal to Google. And, for this, SEO is indispensable in your online marketing strategy. You can try to implement these optimisations yourself. Although it is advisable to get some proper training so you do it right. After all, it's a complex matter subject to constant change. Or you can call in the help of a real SEO expert. They do this every day of the week and therefore know exactly what works and what doesn't.

It is also best to rely on a specialist for your link building. Link building is a part of SEO that's becoming more important by the day. But for most companies, it's still very much uncharted territory. Link building basically means creating some kind of network for yourself online. You do this by getting different websites to link to your website. These links or backlinks increase the popularity and relevance of your website. Which Google also really appreciates. A backlinks expert will provide you with the relevant links that will result in a top ranking in the search results.

What a backlinks expert brings you

A backlinks expert doesn't just merely make backlinks to your site appear on the web. He or she also carefully selects the websites that link to you. Because not all links are relevant to your website or come from reliable sources. Do you really want to impress Google? Then you need backlinks from large, trusted companies in your specialist field or region.

Google assigns a popularity or relevance score to all web pages. The more websites link to you, the higher your score. And the higher your score, the more authority your website exudes. Which, in turn, is rewarded with a clearly visible position in the search results. But the type of link you download also influences that score. Because relevant references from trusted sources carry more weight. For example, links from Belgian companies are better if you also target the Belgian market yourself. Especially when those companies are major players with large numbers of visitors. And have developed considerable authority with relevant links. Do they also operate in the same sector as you? Then that will also generate a few extra points!

But how do you know what links Google considers relevant or reliable? And how do you get other websites to link to you? A backlinks expert will gladly make it all happen for you! So that you can quickly and effortlessly climb up the ranking ladder in the search results.

Beboost: the SEO and backlinks expert for your website!

As an SEO specialist, Beboost knows how important link building is in our digital age. Fortunately, we've been around long enough to build an extensive level of expertise. And an extensive network of trusted websites that you can conveniently use, for example. So put your SEO destiny in the hands of a true backlinks expert. And before you know it, you'll be in the highest echelons of Google.