What does link building cost? And above all: what does it deliver?

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Link building as an investment

Collecting relevant backlinks is also called link building. These links to your website from other sites increase your relevance in the search engines, enabling you to secure a top Google ranking faster. And you will undoubtedly feel the effects of that extra visibility in your sales.

If your website isn't found at the top of Google, you need to fix this through Google Ads. And the bottom line is that these ads will cost a lot more... So investing in your link building with the help of an expert is certainly worthwhile.

Link building prices

First, we determine together which search term or page we feel needs the best support. Our next step is creating a number of quality links for that page. To do this, we make use of our extensive network of Belgian companies that already rank well in Google themselves. Because when important players link to you, you become important too.

Our packages start from €173 a month and we offer different formulas. Do you want to support more search terms or have backlinks to other pages on your website? Then you'll need a more comprehensive link building package.

Free backlinks scan

Would you first like to know how your website is performing right now? Then ask us for a free backlinks scan and find out instantaneously where you can improve.

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Link building pays off!

The purpose of your website? To be found at the very top of Google’s search results, right? Because that's where the visitors are and the most chance is of attracting more paying customers! Google applies a number of criteria to determine the order of these search results. Your aim is to make clever use of these criteria on your website. In addition to implementing keywords and technical optimisation, link building is also becoming increasingly important. This involves collecting recommendations or links online. The more websites link to your site, the more points you score.

Link building is a less well-known part of SEO. But it's also one of the most effective ways of improving your Google ranking. That's why the best approach is to call in an expert for the job. If you do that, you are assured of relevant links that come from trusted sites. Because not all referrals mean a positive boost for your SEO. A holistic approach is recommended. As a specialist, Beboost can rely on a whole network of Belgian websites. So your quality links guarantee a clearly visible position in the search results. Professional link building comes at a price, but the return on your investment is a sure thing!

Link building: expensive or a worthwhile investment?

Link building is an investment. There are costs involved, that's definitely true. But at the same time it's a smart move when your goal is to increase your earnings in the long run. You should really see it as a form of advertising. Other websites that send customers directly to you. And Google is a big fan of backlinks. So it's a great way to get better visibility online, too.

The purpose of link building is actually to increase your popularity, relevance or authority. Because if your website attracts interest from others, it's a good website. And that's Google's viewpoint as well. Every link pointing to you from another website adds a little bit of extra value. Google even sees this kind of link as a vote or recommendation for your website. The more links, the higher your relevance score or authority. Links from sites that have already built up some authority themselves carry even greater weight. As do referrals from companies in your own region or industry.

Link building package prices at Beboost

As an SEO company, Beboost is also a real expert in the area of link building. Our extensive network of trusted websites ensures that in no time you can have a large number of relevant links. We offer you a range of different link building packages, with varying prices. The smallest packages start from €120 a month. Do you want to give more keywords or web pages an extra push? Then a more comprehensive package gives great results.

But you don't even have to pay for the first step. Curious about how many links you already have at the moment? And which websites have a link to you? You can find all this out with a free backlinks scan. This scan instantly gives us a detailed picture of how much growth margin there is. And from there we can take you to the top of Google.