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Bsearch: the search engine for all Belgian companies

In 2005 we developed Bsearch, in collaboration with Telenet. As a counterweight to the traditional search engines that mainly focus on the B2C market. Bsearch is a search engine where you can find all the companies in Belgium. And only them. We rank them according to their relevance to your needs, using our own algorithms and technology. It's a bit like how Immoweb, and Jobat do this for their specific target groups when looking for a house, holiday destination or job.

Belocal is our alternative search engine that mainly targets professionals in search of a regional supplier.

Three unique advantages

Making yourself visible on this exclusively Belgian search engine offers you three unique advantages:

  • More new customers on Bsearch
  • More new customers on Google and Bing
  • Perfect analyses for making adjustment

Specifically: your website on Bsearch

You already have a website, of course. That’s great: so there's no need to create new content. We simply reformulate the most important parts of your existing content so that they show up prominently in the search engines.

The result is impressive:

  • All your products and services in the spotlight
  • High rankings in the search engines
  • High rankings on relevant keywords
  • Professional mini-site, supplemented with a social profile and contact form

Sounds interesting? Just test our search engines for companies yourself!

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Bsearch: the B2B search engine for Belgian companies

Bsearch was founded by Beboost in 2005 in collaboration with Telenet. It is a search engine specially developed for the B2B market. Bsearch is therefore an alternative to the traditional search engines that mainly focus on private consumers. Because it's a lot more difficult for companies with professional customers to create visibility in the generic search engines. In Google, B2B content is quickly shoved to the background by websites that focus on the end consumer. As a result, your company doesn't appear on the first page but, rather, disappears into the masses.

Our specialised B2B search engine Bsearch changes all that. Here you can find all the Belgian companies. Neatly arranged according to the relevance to the search terms entered. And only companies, which makes it easy to find the right suppliers, buyers or subcontractors. As a search engine, Bsearch makes it considerably easier to find B2B connections via the internet.

Professionals who need a supplier that is even more local can make use of our regional search engine Belocal. Based on a few keywords, you will quickly find the perfect match in your area!

B2B business? Make sure you’re found in the B2B search engine

A company that has other companies as customers, needs to go the extra mile to reach them. It's not just that traditional search engines work against you as a B2B company, meaning you have to put in more effort to create visibility for your business. Companies also look for your products or services in a different way. They use different search terms and look at your business from a different perspective. When optimising your SEO strategy, you therefore have to keep your B2B target group in mind.

As a company, you naturally want to attract new potential customers or leads with your website. Although that is slightly more complicated for B2B leads than for private customers. That is why an SEO specialist with specific expertise is always useful. Beboost has more than 20 years of experience in successfully reaching B2B target groups online. We use different solutions to get professionals on your website. Including our very own B2B search engine!

Advantages of B2B search engine Bsearch

Companies that leave their B2B lead generation to Beboost can enjoy quite a few benefits. For instance, you get an extra platform via Bsearch to reach a whole new set of potential customers. Our B2B search engine attracts 55,000 professional users per day. This may not seem much compared to the millions on Google. But, then again, all our visitors are professionals looking for professionals. In other words, your target audience.

But we are not naive or stupid, of course... It goes without saying that we ensure our information also scores particularly well in the traditional search engines. That means your company will have an extremely high ranking there as well. As a result, you will appeal to a new segment of customers via Google and Bing.

And finally, we provide you with regular detailed analyses so that you can make effective adjustments. We track visitors and their origin down to the smallest detail. This quickly tells us which pages and ads are doing well. And therefore also where we need to intervene. You will see your ROI surge. Because the effect will also quickly become clear in your sales figures.