Write for your readers. But definitely also for Google.

Google: a tough cookie to crack

Google is hard to please. But once you know what Google likes, you are rewarded immediately. And with a top ranking in the search results. It's therefore your direct link to higher sales. Because good visibility leads to more visitors. And more visitors generate extra sales. Which is the ultimate goal of your website, right?

Keywords are key

Writing for search engines (or SEO copywriting) is therefore a part of your online marketing that shouldn't be underestimated. Keywords are of vital importance.

  • Which keywords do surfers use to search for your products or services?
  • How often should you include these keywords in your text?
  • What is the minimum length required by Google to interpret a page correctly?

In the SEO copywriting tailor-made training course, we'll give you the answers to all these questions and more.

Learn how to make Google your best friend

After completing an SEO copywriting tailor-made training course, you will know how to appeal to search engines. You learn how Google reads a web page and includes it in the search results.

Writing and structuring your texts correctly will get you a better position online. Which in turn gives you a wider audience. This will bring you new potential customers and generate additional sales. If you do it right, at least…

SME portfolio: Receive up to 30 % in subsidies on our training courses and coaching.


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SEO copywriting tailor-made training courses

You may have heard of it before. SEO is an indispensable part of your marketing strategy if you can be found online. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's a technical term that basically means you want to rank high up in Google. So that you end up near the top of the results when someone enters a certain search term. Resulting in a lot of extra potential customers landing on your website.

But how can you ensure that your web texts are SEO-proof? How do you write well enough to ensure that both the search engines and your readers find you interesting? What do you actually have to take into account in order to top the podium in Google? This is by no means a straightforward exercise, but a very important one nonetheless. Beboost is happy to show you the way with a personalised tailor-made training course.

What can you expect from an SEO copywriting course?

An SEO copywriting course teaches you how to write optimally for the web. Because not every good writer can also create effective texts for your website. There are many complex issues that affect your position in the search results. Everything starts with a keyword search.

First you need to know what keyword combinations potential customers use for their search. What words do they enter to find products or services that you also offer? You have to incorporate these into your web texts, of course. But in the right places. And not too much either, because overdoing it can be counter-productive. Google penalises you if you go overboard. There are also practical considerations that play a role, such as the length of your text. Simply putting all kinds of search terms together cannot therefore be regarded as SEO copywriting. One thing is for sure, it won't be very productive. Because even if Google doesn't see anything wrong with it, your reader will simply leave again.

We teach you the right way to add content in our SEO copywriting tailor-made training. You learn to write fluently for an online audience. And how to dot the i's and cross the t's for Google. With the result that you will get a lot more people on your website in no time at all.

What you can achieve with copywriting training

There is an oversupply on the internet. Millions of websites are competing to grab surfers' attention. Fortunately, not all surfers are important to you. You only want to reach those who may be interested in your product or service. That's why we take a very personal approach during our SEO copywriting training. Which target group does your company want to reach? And how does that work best in your sector? Together we formulate answers to all these questions.

We draw up a customised training course with your personal situation as the starting point. Which we can then even provide on site in the form of 1-on-1 training. This ensures that you only get the information that is relevant to you. Which will also produce much better results.

SEO copywriting training via the Flemish SME portfolio

Our SEO copywriting tailor-made training is eligible for subsidies through the SME portfolio. Beboost (Regionet bvba) is recognised as an official training partner of the Flemish Government. This gives you the opportunity to recoup up to 30% of your registration fee.