B2B Leads via Bsearch

Bsearch, a search engine that helps you find all Belgian companies.

Surely you must have noticed it: Google is chiefly a B2C search engine. Those in the B2B market are far too easily blown away from the first pages by content from and for consumers.

This is why we developed Bsearch, a search engine that helps you find all Belgian companies. And only them. We rank them by their relevance to your questions, using our own algorithms and technology. Just like Immoweb, Booking.com and Jobat do for their specific target groups.

Belocal is our alternative search engine that mainly targets professionals looking more for a regional supplier.

Three unique advantages

  • More new customers on Bsearch – Our search engine attracts 55,000 professional users every day. This may not seem much compared to the millions on Google. But then again, all of our visitors are professionals looking for professionals. In other words, your target audience.
  • More new customers on Google and Bing – We are no fools: we make sure, of course, that our own information ranks particularly high on conventional search engines, with your company getting an extra high ranking. (Every day our pages appear on the first results page of Google and Bing more than 50,000 times).
  • Perfect analyses to make adjustments – We track visitors and their origin down to the smallest details. This tells us which pages and ads are doing great, and where we need to make some adjustments. You will see your ROI surge. As well as your turnover.

Specifically: your website on Bsearch

You already have a website, of course. That’s good: so no need to invent new content. We simply pick out the most important parts from your existing content and reformulate these so that they pop up in the search engines. The result is amazing:
  • All your products and services in the spotlight
  • High rankings in the search engines
  • High rankings on relevant keywords
  • Professional mini-site, supplemented with social profile and contact form

Why not test our business-to-business search engine yourself?:

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